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Continuous Learning

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The Importance of Lifelong Learning

At Johnsonville, we believe very strongly in the importance of lifelong learning. Every Johnsonville Member is required to grow their skills and abilities. In fact, in an ever-changing world we should be expanding our knowledge for the rest of our lives. 

Our learning programs are primarily geared toward gaining knowledge and skills that will directly contribute to your performance on the job but many of the things you learn can positively impact your personal life as well. Training is highly personalized, and you will work with your coach to select the job-related training and experiences that are right for you.

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Johnsonville U

This required in-house training program offers courses on such topics as:

  • The Johnsonville Way – learn more about the values that make up Johnsonville's culture and how to execute them on a daily basis. 
  • Connecting with Respect – treating others with respect is a critical competency in business and in our everyday lives. 
  • Business literacy – sharpen your understanding of good business practices in a hands-on, fun simulation.
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Crucial ConversationsĀ®

Conflicts and other problems may arise in all kinds of relationships – families, teams and organizations. Resolving them requires clear communication, but this can be difficult when emotions run high. Some people may be too fearful of offending the other party, while others may offend without need. 

Johnsonville Members communicate with openness, honesty and candor. Our Crucial Conversations® classes teach you how to address problems, get better results and strengthen relationships both at work and at home. 

(Crucial Conversations® by VitalSmarts®. VitalSmarts® is a registered trademark of VitalSmarts, L.C.)

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Leadership Development

At Johnsonville, we believe becoming a great leader is a never-ending process of growth and improvement. Whether you want to move into a leadership role or already have years of leadership experience, we offer opportunities for you to grow your skills.

Our personalized Leadership Path includes classes on a variety of topics to help you get to know yourself and your team better, as well as providing you with the tools and resources to be a high-performing leader at Johnsonville.

In addition to classes, we offer Career Development Maps for every department in the organization to help you define and plan your personal career path.

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Continuing Education (Tuition Assistance)

Our Continuing Education Awards help pay for tuition for Johnsonville Members pursuing higher education to promote development of your professional skills. The program provides the following reimbursements of expenses:

Reimbursements of Expenses

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Scholarship Program

The Johnsonville Scholarship Program provides scholarships for the advanced education of Members’ spouses or children. Each year, a team of Members from across the company selects the recipients based on applications and student interviews. 

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Member Development Center

The Member Development Center on our Sheboygan County campus is a building open to all Johnsonville Members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to provide continuous learning resources. The center contains computers with Internet access, books and education information from local colleges. In addition, there are organizational development members available to assist you with learning opportunities and questions.

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Member Development Fund

Johnsonville offers up to $100 per year per Member for resources to support learning that is either work-related or hobby-related, including books, magazines, newspapers, online services, software, audio/video materials, classes, seminars and conferences.

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Personal Computer Purchase Program

In today's world, computer literacy is nearly as essential as the ability to read and write. To support and encourage your computer skills, Johnsonville offers Members an interest-free loan of up to $1,500 for the purchase of a personal computer or specific components for an existing system.