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Cole - Johnsonville


Associate Culinary Scientist

Cole joined Johnsonville’s formulation team in 2009 and then moved to roles on both the sanitation and shipping teams. He had a culinary degree, a passion for recipe/menu development and aspired to work at our Tech Center developing recipes. He saw other members doing job shares to learn about different work experiences across the company and thought, “I want to do that.”

At first, he spent four hours a week working at the Tech Center, in addition to his typical job duties. Then it expanded to eight hours, then two full days. Now, he works full time doing what he loves: creating recipes that showcase Johnsonville products.

“When I started working at Johnsonville in 2009, it was in a formulation role working third shift at one of our manufacturing plants. I knew I eventually wanted to work on the culinary team. I never imagined it would actually happen.”

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Johnsonville Jobs

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