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Coach Gidget - Johnsonville

Coach Gidget

Research & Development Coordinator

Johnsonville Product Development Scientist and Coach Gidget needed to add a Scientist to her team. Rather than create an external posting, she saw the passion and potential of a Johnsonville production Member who, with some coaching, could grow into this role. Gidget created a learning path to get him the training and experience needed. First, he participated in a job shadow, and then transitioned to a blended role where he worked as a Scientist for four hours each week, in addition to working his normal job on the production line. After a few years, Gidget hired him as a full-time Assistant Scientist.

“I take more pride in watching the Members on my team succeed than in any personal accomplishment.”  

-Coach Gidget
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Johnsonville Jobs

Johnsonville Jobs

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