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Member Stories

Ben - Johnsonville
Food Safety/Quality Coordinator
“Ten years ago, I started as an intern and now I lead the Food Safety/Quality program at our plant in Watertown, Wisconsin.”

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Lori - Johnsonville
Director – Enterprise Applications
“At Johnsonville, I’ve been able to evolve my career and my role based on what I’ve wanted to learn. That’s what has kept me engaged and allowed me to stay happy working here.”

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Taylor - Johnsonville
Associate Product Development Scientist
“I am one of the first members to complete our Rotational Career Program. Putting a meat scientist in finance for three months? I don’t think other companies would try that!”
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Zone - Johnsonville
Principal Network & Collaboration Engineer
“If you want to grow in your IT career, Johnsonville is the place to be.”
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Shawn - Johnsonville
Engineering Tech
“There is no ‘I’ in team. But there is meat.”

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Kristen - Johnsonville
Workforce Development Coordinator
“Coaches and mentors really care about your success here.”
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Member Podcast - Johnsonville
Member Podcast
Johnsonville members Joe, Krista and Jeff host our very own podcast. The podcast features members and their stories.

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Felipe - Johnsonville
Harvest Coordinator
“My favorite part about working at Johnsonville is the members. All of them just help each other.”

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Katie - Johnsonville
Machine Operator
“Here, you matter. The company wants all of us to grow and they give us
the opportunities and tools to grow.”

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Coach Gidget - Johnsonville
Coach Gidget
Research & Development Coordinator
“I take more pride in watching the Members on my team succeed than in any personal accomplishment.”
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Our Culture in Action  - Johnsonville
Our Culture in Action
When a fire destroyed our facility in Watertown, Wisconsin, it left 120 Johnsonville Members with no regular workplace.

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Brett - Johnsonville
Production Line Leader
Who knows Johnsonville products better than the people who make them? So we asked our Members to come up with our TV commercials.
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